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Science and Orthodox Christianity – Current Perspectives


General Description


We live in an era dominated by the extremely fast development of science and technology that impacts our society at an unprecedented rate. Data has become the fuel for driving spectacular advances in society and people have become more dependent on machines and devices than ever before. The rapid progress of converging technologies such as biotechnology, information technology, cognitive science, nanotechnology, or artificial intelligence, has led to several improvements in the quality of life. Nonetheless, their potential for human enhancement goals is posing many ethical concerns. How can Orthodox Christianity guide science today supporting ethical advancements and what are its perspectives on the dialogue between scientific rationalism and faith?


The event will feature a documentary discussing the relationship between science and religion from an Orthodox Christian perspective, an invited talk, as well as online presentations by initiative groups that bring together science and medical professionals and Eastern Orthodox theologians, priests and monks.


Organiser: NEPSIS London - Youth Association of the Romanian Orthodox Metropolis of Western and Southern Europe

NEPSIS London is part of the British branch of the NEPSIS Fraternities Federation, which was established on February 28, 2010, at the initiative of His Eminence Father Metropolitan Joseph.


Date and starting time: 16 March 2024, 6:30 pm


Estimated duration: 2:30 h

Event schedule


1. Documentary film: Science and Orthodoxy around the world

2. Invited talk and Q&A session

Fr. Rǎzvan Ionescu - Vice Dean of the Orthodox Center for Studies and Research “Dumitru Stăniloae” in Paris and advisor in the Department of Theology and Science within the Orthodox Metropolis of Romania for Western and Southern Europe.

3. Short online talks by initiative groups:

Trup și Suflet – Oașa Monastery

Tehnica Vieții – Oașa Monastery

4. Presentation of the Current state of Bioethics Initiatives in Romania

Prof. Sebastian Moldovan, Faculty of Orthodox Theology, Sibiu, Romania

5. Networking


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Invited speakers


Father Răzvan Ionescu

Father Răzvan Ionescu is parish priest of the Romanian Orthodox parish "Sfânta Parascheva - Sfânta Genoveva" (Saint Sulpice Church), Paris, permanent advisor in the Romanian Orthodox Metropolis for Western and Southern Europe (Department of "Theology and Science") and vice dean of the Orthodox Center of Studies and Research Dumitru Stăniloae (Theology, Spirituality, Culture) from Paris.


Bachelor and advanced studies in Electrical Engineering, at the Polytechnic University of Bucharest. Master's degree in Medical Engineering (Bucharest). Bachelor of Pastoral Theology at the Faculty of Orthodox Theology in Bucharest. Doctorate in Biomedical Engineering (co-supervised thesis between the Université de Technologie de Compiègne, France and the Polytechnic University, Bucharest – 2002). Master's degree in Theology at the Institute of Orthodox Theology "Saint Serge", Paris. Doctor in Orthodox Theology, with a thesis on the relationship between Orthodox Theology and Sciences (Institute of Orthodox Theology "Saint Serge", Paris).


He is the author of the volumes: "Orthodox Theology and Science" (2005, republished in 2006), "Dictionary of Orthodox Theology and Science" (2016), in collaboration with Adrian Lemeni, "Father Proclus as I knew him", co-author of the collective volume "Orthodox Apologetics" (2 volumes), as well as numerous articles and studies on the relationship between Orthodoxy and the Sciences.


Trup și Suflet” community at Oașa Monastery


The “Trup și Suflet” (translated Body and Soul) community at Oașa Monastery is formed by members of the healthcare system: medical doctors of various specialties, researchers, pharmacists, and medical students who are connected to the Oașa Monastery and the Hermitage of Găbud.

The community’s objectives are the exchange of professional experiences, spiritual growth, and professional training of its members, all under the guidance of the fathers/monks from the Oașa Monastery.

The activities include thematic meetings and workshops organized at the Oașa Monastery or online and the annual Medicine and Bioethics camp at Găbud.

Facebook page: here


Tehnica Vieții” community at Oașa Monastery


The "Tehnica Vieții" (translated Life Tech) community at Oașa Monastery aims to be a spiritual interface that interweaves online and human networks with the networks of God. The community is made up of engineers and IT specialists, from college students to professionals in the field. The activities include thematic meetings, and we are looking forward to expanding into internships, workshops and thematic camps.

Facebook page: here


Prof. Sebastian Moldovan

Sebastian Moldovan is a university professor, at the Faculty of Orthodox Theology, Lucian Blaga University in Sibiu, Romania, specializing in Moral Theology and Ethics.

He teaches Orthodox Moral Theology, Social theology, and Bioethics. Prof. Moldovan is a coordinator of the series "Bioethics and biopolitics" at Doxologia Publishing House.

He completed his bachelor and doctoral studies in Theology, and a post-doctorate in the ethics of public health policies.

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